Pondering On The Reliability And Effectiveness of Feather Dusters

Getting rid of dust be it at the office or home was always one of the major issues faced by homemakers then and now. The easiest and simple method would be to use a duster. Dusters are available in various types. Out of these, the feather duster is one of the popular choices of people nowadays. The www.homeanddecor.com.sg/ recently published an article about various types of dusters used in homes nowadays.

Attract Or Expel?
There is always a doubt factor whether these feather dusters are effective in removing dust. Or, do they act just the opposite and invite more dust? Let us get this point straight. There are some feather dusters made of cent percent ostrich feathers. Such feather dusters alone flash the welcome signal to dust and usher them in. Other feather dusters are safe to use. Ostriches also have down feathers just like geese. These down feathers are much softer and adaptable. Dusters made of ostrich down feathers are good at getting rid of dust. But here the major setback is that such dusters usually costs more than anything else.

Forget The Length Factor
All of us are more likely to be attracted to a feather duster with really long feathers. Woah! This looks good and might do a great job too! That might be your first instinct the moment you see a long-feathered duster. But no, never do that! Normal houses do not even need a large duster. These can be difficult to use, and you might end up disposing of it in the attic as it is too large. While buying dusters, always give more importance to the flexibility and softness of the feathers. Buy dusters that are small enough for you to use easily. They should be able to wiggle through all those tight spots of the house and remove off the dust there.

The Perfect Dusting Technique
You have to follow the perfect dusting technique to ward off all the dust particles from your household. You have to pull the feather duster all along the surface filled with dust. It should be done using an even and steady stroke. From the surface, reach a complete stop and don’t let the feathers attract dust to itself. Every once in awhile, keep tapping against your ankle and remove the dust accumulated in the duster. These dust particles will fall on the floor. After all the dusting, you can remove dust particles from the floor by quickly vacuuming it.

Feather dusters can only be used for the regular cleaning works of a clean home. If you are shifting to a new home or had been on a long vacation, the house will be filled with dust. In such cases, first, you have to remove the dust using a wet cloth or vacuum. After that, the feather duster can be used regularly to maintain the cleanliness of the home. In case you managed to get an ostrich down duster, make sure you clean up and wipe with wet cloth or vacuum once in awhile.