A few decades back, when there was no Internet, work from home jobs were considered as less profitable. But today, work from home jobs are more lucrative these days. However, you should be able to distinguish the genuine and scam. You may check jefflenney.com to get some idea on good work-from-home jobs. This is not to scare you. All that you have to do is do some research choosing a specific work from home job. You may visit www.entrepreneur.com to gather more details on work from home job. In this article, we will look into some of the legitimate work from home jobs, but always make sure to check their credentials before choosing the best.

With online businesses rising to a new high very often, the need for virtual assistant keeps on increasing. A virtual assistant is someone, who works for a specific organization for a company from a remote location. A virtual assistant may be answering customers’ call, inquiries and do various administrative tasks, prepare documents, etc. The role of the virtual assistant may vary depending on the clients. Drafting email, responding to customers’ email are some of the few tasks to mention here. In order to work as a virtual assistant, you should have the skill such as Internet browsing, computer skill, etc.

A medical transcriptionist is someone, who works for a physician’s office or hospital. However, one will be able to do this work from home. A medical transcriptionist’s duty is to transcribe the recorded dictation. To do this job, one must need a computer and earpiece. Typing skills are very important to this job.

This is one of the well-paid jobs, which can be done at home. Some employers want their translator to have a bachelor degree. However, what is most important to be a successful translator is having fluency in many languages.

There is a big demand for web developers and the demand does not seem to dip in the years to come. To become a web developer, you should learn how to build a website. There are plenty of online tutorials to learn how to build a website. There is less investment required to become a work-from-home web developer. A computer and Internet connection would be sufficient to work as a web developer.

Nowadays, more people are interested in travelling, and hence there are good jobs for travel agents. Travel agent is someone, who can offer travel advice, book tickets and arrange travel for his clients. Travel agents can earn by charging commission fees from their clients. There is no need to hold a bachelor degree to become a travel agent.

Writers are required by various businesses. Website owners, product developers, and manufacturers require writers to write contents. Creative writing and technical writing are the two main branches in the writing. Creative writers often involve in writing contents for websites, social media pages, etc. while the technical writers involved in writing product manuals.

Data entry job is all about entering the data into the systems. Nowadays, various small to medium to big organizations are hiring data entry operators, who can work from home.

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