Before the fifties, a filter tipped cigarette did not exist. People were used to smoking unfiltered cigarettes. Although cigarettes were regarded to be harmful during this period, there was no substantial proof as such. The filter was introduced as a result of making the cigarette safer for the general public. All about smoking tips show that it is beneficial to smoke a filter tipped cigarette rather than one without a filter. This review is proof of how the filter changed the way the world perceived cigarettes.

The filters in cigarettes today have small, almost invisible perforations. This allows the air to mix with the smoke each time the smoker takes a drag of the cigarette. This results in lesser tar and nicotine build up making the cigarette considerably safer than one without a filter. Since the benefit offered by the filter is not necessarily visible to the naked eye, many smokers make the mistake of disregarding the health benefits offered by a filter tipped cigarette.

The deadly chemicals in the cigarette smoke are regarded to be responsible for destroying the health of a smoker. The filter offers a remarkable way to filter the smoke enabling the smoker to enjoy their cigarette without worrying about health issues. Till recent times, filters were able to work only a fraction as to what they claimed to be able to do. This has changed with the introduction of mini filters. These filters trap the poisonous substances within the filtration chamber and offering a much lighter and leaner puff. Since you can see the tar trapped within the filtration chamber, it makes it easier to convince smokers to switch to cigarettes with mini filters.

Many smokers often complain about different side effects of smoking like blue, black lips, bad odor, stained teeth and so on. All of these side effects can be avoided by switching to a mini cigarette filter. According to the medical professionals, the mini cigarette filter has also been proven to reduce the cough and feeling of heaviness in the chest typically brought on by smoking too much. Smokers who have trouble sleeping at night also claim to feel an improvement after switching to mini cigarette filters.

Interestingly, many smokers use cigarette filters to help them reduce their smoking habits. If you are a smoker, you might have noticed the staining of your teeth that have been enhanced by continuous smoking. Cigarette filters help reduce this kind of staining by protecting the enamel of your teeth. This is basically done by reducing the amount of tar that enters your mouth by effectively capturing it within the filter. Once the amount of tar entering your mouth is reduced, the chances of staining your teeth also go down considerably. Another major advantage offered by cigarette filters is it enables the smoker to hold the cigarette tip with their tip thereby causing the smoke to miss staining the front of your teeth. Many smokers rely on whitening strips to prevent their teeth from getting stained. An easier way to avoid yellow stains is to switch to filter cigarettes permanently.

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